New Orleans Oil Rig Injury Lawyer

Due the strenuous and demanding nature of their profession, oil rig and maritime workers are often seriously or fatally injured on the job. Brain and spinal cord trauma, burns, lacerations and severed limbs are not uncommon occurrences.

At the Law Office of Rachel M. Yazbeck, L.L.C., we are dedicated to helping victims and grieving family members obtain just compensation after an accident. We have experience battling international corporations and are well versed in the intricacies of maritime law.

Protecting Your Rights Under The Jones Act

Louisiana workers injured on offshore and inland waterway vessels are covered under a federal maritime law, known as The Jones Act. This act allows seamen to collect damages for lost wages and medical expenses. If your injury was the result of another's negligence, you may also be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering.

Obtaining compensation under The Jones Act is both time consuming and complex. The process can take many months to complete and frequently involves dealing with large employers and international corporations. Do not be overwhelmed.

Our diligent New Orleans oil rig injury attorney is prepared to fight vigorously on your behalf. At our firm, no detail is overlooked and no legal avenue is left unexplored. We will work relentlessly to see that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled, and will not rest until your case is resolved.

A Slidell Offshore Accident Attorney Working for You

We understand that sometimes it is not possible to wait for damages. Medical bills, credit card debt and other expenses can be crippling. When you visit our office, our lawyer will assist you in procuring loans to cover critical payments. Whether you have suffered back injuries, neck injuries or are grieving after the wrongful death of a loved one, we are always on your side and at your service.

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