Defending Clients In Federal Court

When a crime is believed to be committed, the local police department usually investigates the case, makes an arrest and the state prosecution pursues further evidence with the hope of gaining a conviction. But when a federal crime is committed, things can get a bit more messy, because federal authorities are involved besides state and local officials.

That means those accused of these crimes have a challenge ahead of them, and regardless of the charge, if it holds a federal jurisdiction, it is even more important that the suspect have an experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer on their side. At the Law Office of Rachel M. Yazbeck, L.L.C., in New Orleans, Louisiana, we provide seasoned federal criminal defense.

What Constitutes A Federal Crime?

Generally, a crime is considered "federal" if a federal law is broken, or it occurs on property owned or protected by the federal government. According to the United States Justice Department, there are many types of crimes that may qualify as a federal crime. Some examples include:

  • Crimes that harm the president of the United States or any official of the executive, judicial or congressional branches of government.
  • Bank crimes, including burglary, larceny, robbery, fraud or embezzlement
  • Financial crimes such as antitrust and racketeering
  • Crimes committed on Indian or government reservations
  • Credit card fraud
  • Threats to domestic security
  • Perjury or obstruction of justice
  • Narcotics violations
  • Crimes that span across multiple states

Why A Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Is Important

The procedure to prosecute a federal crime is independent of a local crime or one against the state, and often both cases are pursued simultaneously. It is important that if you are accused of a federal crime, your lawyer is dedicated to your case and knowledgeable when it comes to both procedures of defense strategies in order to build the strongest possible case.

Another asset to look for in an attorney is an honest and straightforward approach to their practice that doesn't sugarcoat the battle you have ahead of you. At the Law Office of Rachel M. Yazbeck, L.L.C., in New Orleans, Louisiana, we are committed to working hard for our clients, but we also give them an honest assessment of what expectations are realistic in their case.

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