New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our legal team is passionate about the law and committed to success. We take an honest approach to your case and will always provide you with personalized service and reliable advice. We make jail and hospital visits.

Experienced Criminal Defense

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, we pride ourselves on developing effective defense strategies. We always take the time to investigate your matter, and will never encourage you to plead guilty just to move your case along.

Our New Orleans criminal defense attorney will listen closely to your concerns and help ensure that your voice is heard. Unlike some lawyers, we do not inflict judgment. We treat you with compassion while aggressively pursuing a favorable result in your case. Protecting you and your rights is our number one priority.

We are well equipped to handle matters across the criminal spectrum, including:

Strong Personal Injury Representation

A personal injury or wrongful death can take a terrible toll on your life. At the Law Office of Rachel M. Yazbeck, L.L.C., we are committed to helping you obtain a full recovery. Our track record of success includes cases involving:

Our office will conduct a thorough investigation into your matter, which may include visiting the site of your injury or speaking with witnesses. We are not afraid to take your case to court and will never stop fighting on your behalf.

Discover What a Slidell Injury Attorney and Defense Strategist Can Do for You

When you need a dedicated advocate by your side, contact attorney Rachel M. Yazbeck at 504-564-7314. We offer free initial consultations and passionate representation.